One comment on “Remaining a Virgin in Today’s Hook-Up Culture (A Theocratic Essay)

  1. Thank-you for liking my blog!! After reading this I wanted to share something with you I hope it’s okay. God is so much bigger than our little brains and while He is working in the BIG picture we often try to figure things out. When I was a child I believed in God and I carried that in my heart always. There were times I would cry out to Him and pray my way out of troubles. I would pray for His will before I even had a personal relationship with Him. I knew He answered my prayers but He was very cosmic to me then. I never knew His love for me in a practical down to earth “hands on” kind of way. Which leads me to this…I am a 20 year clean and sober alcoholic. God blessed me during my years of drinking with bouts of sobriety during my pregnancies. He also softened my wandering heart through each of my children that showed me His unconditional love. When I was living my “sinful” lifestyle I prayed. I also met my husband of 21 years in a bar. Both of us believed in God and had been raised in church as children. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful children one that I had out of wedlock that my husband adopted as his own. We prayed for each other, we rescued each other while God was in the process of rescuing both of us through salvation in Jesus Christ. I give Him the glory for ALL things good and bad whether I was sinful or not. My life has been a journey, a broken road, an imperfect road with a perfect plan. My oldest daughter just recently married a wonderful man that she lived with for 10 years off and on. She gave her life to Christ at the age of 10 a part of her knew she didn’t need to be living with him, but she did. God was still with her and they got married in April this year. She was the perfect bride and it was a perfect wedding. Now they have been blessed to give me my first grandbaby in February. Am I suggesting that you live with someone or go to a bar to find your soul mate? No not necessarily, but I am saying Jesus ate with sinners and He did some great work through them because of their FAITH. Noah got naked and drunk but by faith he built the ark. Rahab was a prostitute that had faith to hide spies, Abraham believed God and that made him righteous-his faith not him. God is big we are ants we just follow our heart because that’s where Jesus is. We learn to relax let go and take each day one step one moment at a time while He in His sovereignty works everything for good for us. I am a work in progress with this and I know that just getting out of bed sometimes is a step of faith and I am doing it because of God in me. When I feel prompted to say or do something I try to do it. Do I always do it no I don’t but that does not dictate whether God is with me or not. He always was and is and is to come. I look back now and see His love and HIs care for me throughout the years before I knew Him personally. He was with me in all my craziness and He was with me when I went to church, made cherishable memories and then eventually He was also with me when I got delivered from the pit of religion. Everything that I have experienced He has led me through. The amazing part is getting to the other side of the trials, the times I thought He left, the times where I thought darkness had took me down, I now look back on the fact that they were necessary so I could feel the relief and peace I have now. I hope and pray that you would rest in the fact that God is in control of your life and He has it figured out so we don’t have to. Our job is to just believe that. I am not perfect but Jesus in me is. He knows the plans He has for me. Jeremiah 29:11 🙂


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