In this section, I plan to release several memoirs regarding some of my unforgettable experiences. Some of which include, my path to lose over 160lbs, my internship with a bunch of con artists and my experience with an acting class that brought me to a new platform of enlightenment.

Food for Thought –

This section is my own philosophy and rants on a variety of subjects, but mainly involving rebellion, rivalry and revenge. I don’t think I’m omnipotent and as a philosopher, I’m open to the fact that I may be wrong. So if you do read any of the following, don’t hesitate to poke holes where you see fit. I honestly don’t mind, and would in fact thank you.

“Writing isn’t a hobby…it’s what I do.”

This narrative was written after I graduated college and when I was beginning to fully embrace myself as a writer. Granted it was written when I was 22 years old, and some of my opinions have changed, I’m not going to alter this document. The passion I convey…I was on fire that night. Everytime I come back to read this, my inspiration is restored. I remember why I’ve sacrificed so much.

About Deductive Reasoning and “Spoken Truths”

Just my thoughts on honesty and how it plays a huge part in mysteries, both fictional and realistic.

Feelings of Inferiority and Equality

Do you think feelings of inferiority are more so 70% mental than it is a reality? When I say mental, I mean that all those terrible things that happen to them, happened because they mentally feel there’s nothing they can do about their predicament to either stop or prevent it. So they either don’t fight it, or just accept that this is just the way it is and all they can do is moan and complain about it without ever actually stepping up to their oppressors.

The Ignorance Bubble –

Just my thoughts on people who like to ignore the truth and what’s going on in the world to live in oblivion to protect their “happiness”.

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