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The Ghost of Cloud Beaudry – Case 1

Picture 3

Everyone’s heard of at least one ghost story in his or her lifetime. Well, try living it everyday of your life. That’s what Cloud Beaudry had to do. Hearing voices of dead victims and seeing the painted images of unrepentant killers in the shadows are but a few of his symptoms. Despite his awareness of paranormal activity, Cloud appeared to be a promising young law graduate with hopes of becoming a successful defense attorney.

Beneath the surface, Cloud was dealing with a storm of anxiety disorders, the most prominent being that of agoraphobia, a condition making him extremely nervous towards social interaction and apprehensive towards situations where he feels his public embarrassment is inevitable. That added with the fact that his mother died and the police were passing it off as a suicide, crumbled Cloud’s ambitions. He was sent spiraling down a whirlpool of abhorrence towards the justice system and a majority of society who he feels lacks empathy for innocent victims.

Taking matters into his own hands, Cloud embraces his ability to communicate with the dead and enlists the help of vicious young woman named Maggie. Like Cloud, Maggie has a deep distain towards the general public and agrees to assist him in carrying out a number of vindictive murders under “mysterious circumstances.”

The Ghost of Cloud Beaudry – Case 2

Picture 2

We’re introduced to a troubled, yet perceptive young man who views himself as one who’s on the outside looking in when it comes to society. He’s cursed with an awareness towards the paranormal. His mother was murdered and the police are passing it off as a suicide. And on top of all that, he takes a chance with his peers and becomes the laughing punching bag at a bar before getting tossed out. Desolate doesn’t even begin to describe his mental state. What’s the point of even trying?

So when a dead girl shows up and makes her presence known with authority, Cloud embraces his curse. He could use a friend. And dead people can’t be much worst than the living, right?

The Ghost of Cloud Beaudry – Case 3

Picture 5

Shedding off the thought of Katie Armstrong’s death as though she were a fly on the windshield…Cloud finally meets with the one person who could say she was his mother’s friend. Miranda Burnette plants a potential suspect in his mind and Cloud wastes no time in acting on her intel. When all of the answers seem to fall into place and the options become available, Cloud runs right into the wall of…”Now what?” Was the anger and resentment he felt all superficial feelings one would simply expect from him, given what he’s been through? Or is Cloud really the sinister psychopath many suspect him to be. Facing the man he believes killed his mother puts that theory to the test.

The Godfather’s Sword – Braden Pierce: A Future King of Ybor

Picture 6A former U.S. commando turned Syndicate enforcer recounts his first and only mission with the infamous Black Creek Security firm. It’s on this mission that he has the honor to witness the Godfather’s favorite nephew (Braden Pierce) in action.

Eight For Death, Seven for Peace – Gavin Hassel: A Future King of Ybor

Eight for Death, Seven for Peace

When a young street tough stabs a nonviolent door-to-door preacher, a small town urban neighborhood becomes infected by several of the most notorious criminals in the world. Continuing with the “Tales of Ybor” stories, this title contains graphic violence and street level language. While “The Godfather’s Sword” revolves around Braden Pierce, the prodigy syndicate enforcer, “Seven Deaths” introduces us to one of the few individuals who can match him in skill and execution. Gavin Hassell is an indiscriminate killer who sets his own agenda based on the highest bidder and his own private personal constitution.

My Childhood with a Future Sociopath: Aida and Eliza

Picture 3

Pious and good-natured, Aida reminisces about the day she first met the infamous leader of August the 18th, Eliza Christie. Even as children, Eliza exuded the personality of someone who would one day make men bow down before her. And while the two were initially thick as thieves, equal but opposite and joined at the hip during their waddling days, there was one incident that would scar Aida and change the way she saw her childhood friend. It was the day that Eliza released an inner demon that would go on to dictate her violent need for retaliation for the rest of her life.

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