Her Eyes – A Beautiful Hazard

Park Bom of 2NE1

Park Bom of 2NE1

Her Eyes – A Beautiful Hazard
By: Rock Kitaro
February 5th, 2014

Oblivious of her gift, it seems her eyes really do possess the power to thaw through a heart that I’ve gone through great lengths to freeze.

Such enchantment… this is realistic lovesick grip that parents should warn their children about. Not the fantastical spells cast through potions or wasted wishes to the stars.

Since the beginning, I suspected as much. But felt the need to test myself. The consequence of the test was devastating. It crippled me in my path and caused me to cringe over one of the worst kinds of agony. But that’s alright.

I breath heavily through my nostrils as I pick myself up, now with a greater understanding and awareness of my limits. I now see the gray void that I need to fill with dexterity.

And moreover, I can’t keep stumbling over the same device. She isn’t an enemy. As I tell my friends, I wouldn’t fall for a terrible person with no morals or disregard towards others. She’s a good person with a decent heart.

But sadly, she is detrimental to my compass. When she’s around, I can’t see which way is north. Looking forward, my path seems bleak and foggy, I’ve lost sight of my original goals.

Not an enemy. Just a hazard. A beautiful hazard in which I lack the strength to overcome.

…not yet…

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