Cloud Beaudry Characters

dane-dehaanCloud Beaudry – age 25 – Dream cast, Dane DeHaan

Cloud is a focused and driven grad student who once aspired to be a great defense attorney. He’s blessed with good looks, intelligence and a strong desire to succeed. But several things weigh down on him on his path to success. For starters, he suffers from severe agoraphobia and avoidant personality disorder. His disorder stems from the fact that he once weighed close to 400 pounds but eventually lost the weight and dropped back down to 190. The other downside is his curse to hear and interact with the dead. Ever since he was little, Cloud has heard the screams of the victims and the laughs of the unrepentant. Fearing isolation and being labeled a freak during his childhood, Cloud has kept his secret to himself, bearing the loneliness despite being surrounded by many.

Cloud grew up never knowing his father, but only heard about him from his mother’s friends. The description was always consistent, a man of extremely good looks and charms who had a way with women. While his mother tried to take care of Cloud and raise him right, she always put more priorities in the men she’d bring home. They were usually jerks who’d beat her and occasionally rape her. Cloud learned martial arts going into high school to protect her. He studied his ass off to get good grades for scholarships with hopes of going to law school to become a defense attorney and to take care of his hopeless mother financially.

Cloud is very respectful and mature for his age. He’s passionate about his beliefs in good triumphing over evil, and working hard to achieve your goals. But alas, he begins to notice that in this world, simply being a good boy isn’t going to get you far. He observes how people lie and cheat to move ahead. He sees how people are able to attain success just by knowing the right people through bars, clubs, and underhanded treachery.

So when Cloud’s mother is murdered and her case is given little priority by the authorities, Cloud embraces his unique curse and uses the help of a malicious ghost to not only avenge his mother but to avenge the cold cases of other victims who’s deaths have gone unpunished. He is able to go for a period of time without being labeled as a suspect, due to his career choice. While he once aspired to be a defense attorney, he switched to that of a state prosecutor, giving him access to court records and police investigations.

Monica Raymund

Jessica Arroyo – age 25 – Dream cast, Monica Raymond

Jessica was also a law graduate attending UGA with Cloud Beaudry. But unlike Cloud, Jessica has always had the support of her diverse family. She’s very intuitive and has had a passion for crime solving sense her early teens, watching crime dramas with her mother and younger sister Angel.

Jessica and Cloud grew up in the same city of Augusta Georgia without ever knowing about the connection between their ancestors. Going to the same high school, Cloud has witnessed how loose and popular the sexy Jessica was with other guys.  Since she reminded Cloud of his mother, he’s always secretly disliked her while maintaining a friendly front. The problem was that she was always there. Despite her outgoing personality, Jessica is a brilliant tactician with the best grades. Jessica and Cloud have always competed academically with Jessica becoming the school’s Valedictorian, and Cloud the Salutatorian.

Over the years, Jessica has dropped her loose promiscuous ways to become a professional, independently driven woman. She has a good heart, she’s very sociable and makes a good impression on everyone she meets. At the age of 25, she graduates with hopes of becoming a high-ranking FBI agent. Following her intuitions and noticing a string of coincidences, Jessica begins to theorize Cloud’s involvement in a series of murders. The difficulty comes when trying to prove that ghosts actually exist.

Hailee Steinfeld

Maggie –age of death, 19, Dream cast, Hailee Steinfeld

Margaret is a ghost at UGA. Margaret was once an outgoing beautiful girl who had hopes of becoming a singer. After entering her sorority, Margaret garnered the envy of other girls around her, due to her beauty and attention from other guys. What turned out as a prank from her sorority sisters, led to her death by falling out of the window of what is now the UGA campus library.

Sad and lonely. Spiteful and vengeful, Margaret shares Cloud’s disdain for the most popular. At first she was weary of Cloud’s dreary atmosphere. But gradually, she begins to admire his intellect and personal pessimistic philosophy. Cloud is different from the guys she used to admire when she was alive, and the fact that he’s always alone makes her feel that there will never be any other to distract his attention from her.

Vanessa Bell Calloway

Miranda Burnette ­– mid 30s – Dream cast,  Vanessa Bell Calloway

A bartending waitress who worked alongside the late Chelsey Beaudry, Miranda was one of the last people to see Chelsey alive and supplies Cloud with information of the guy who she suspects killed her. In the future, Miranda acts as a mother figure and confidant for Cloud. She is someone he can talk to without fear of being judged. With Melinda’s own background in voodoo superstitions she aides Cloud in honing his skills to control his paranormal awareness.

Jordin Sparks

Angel Arroyo – early 20s – Dream cast, Jordin Sparks

Angel is Jessica Arroyo’s younger sister who’s still debating if she wants to pursue law school in Jessica’s footsteps. While Jessica is more book smart and popular, Angel is a natural born skeptic, sarcastic and tough-skinned. Angel is also more intuitive than Jessica. It was she who first began picking up on signs that Cloud was more than just a dedicated investigator. The how and why was a mystery, but there was no doubt in Angel’s mind that Cloud had his own hidden agenda.

Michael Cassidy

Brody Connors –– Dream cast, Michael Cassidy

Brody is a police officer who graduated from UGA with his Bachelors several years before Jessica and Cloud’s time. He’s been dating Jessica for two years now and sees her as his future wife. Brody a respectable good-natured man. But also a simple-minded man. He likes to get wasted with the guys, does the job that’s in front of him, and gets ready for the weekend. He doesn’t really plan for anything beyond that, and subconsciously, Jessica doesn’t see him as a long-term companion.

Hailey Duff

Katie Armstrong-  early 20s – Dream cast, Haylie Duff

Katie is a popular sorority girl at UGA. While she has a good heart and wants to do the right thing, Katie is a victim of the trends. In the face of an audience, Katie is the type to do what others would expect her to do, rather than follow her heart. Katie is attracted to Cloud and has been for a while. But since Cloud always appears to be wading in a pool of dread and loneliness, Katie’s never made her attraction known out of fear of how others might perceive her.

Mark Boone Junior

Detective John Hart – early 50s – Dream cast, Mark Boone Junior

Hart is dedicated police officer. He’s the officer who takes on the homicide case of Cloud’s mother. He also handles more cases that Cloud becomes involved in.

Owain Yeoman

Detective Mark Griffin –  early 40s – Dream cast, Owain Yeoman

Hart’s partner. Another dedicated officer, but just transferred in from a bigger city and is learning the ropes of “Southern Hospitality”.

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