One comment on “A Loving Response to “Strong and Intimidating” Women

  1. When women go the Empowered Career and Sex in the City route, they eventually get older and then they are enraged that men don’t want their mouthy, sassy, I don’t need no man attitude. Men don’t want arrogant competitors for wives. They want complementary partners. There is no ‘equality’ in marriage. Somebody is in charge, either the wife or the husband.

    It would be hard to take personal responsibility for choosing Empowered Career over husband and family, and to take responsibility for the empty hole inside themselves as being their own damn fault, a consequence of their selfish choices.

    So instead, women take the easy route and claim that they are just too fabulous and independent for mere, lowly men, who just cannot handle their awesomeness. It’s a cope, a cope to avoid consequences, by putting — as always — the blame on men.

    Good piece Rock, keep up the good works.

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