4 comments on “Demonstrating Your Love for God – Lessons from a Funeral

  1. People, are way more complicated than anyone (even psychologists) can figure out. Add some stress, or a lot of stress, and a little drama, we get lost to each other fast.
    My wife says I miss social cues once in awhile, and I do. I decided a long time ago to just treat everyone as if we are good friends (no matter how they are treating me) and that stability often reigns in what the other person is thinking about me. I do have a relative in my life right now who treats me very poorly which is challenging how I treat him. My wife encouraged me to put a 6″ piece of duct tape in my pocket when around him.

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  2. As you report, you gave Brandy everything, she gave you nothing. Like most male-female ‘relationships’ in modern America.

    Brandy kept you in reserve. When she sensed you beginning to pull away the reliable help and adoration, she expressed that you were always #1 with her. This was what you wanted to hear because you both sought to re-establish what was comfortable, your original (one-way) relationship.

    From Philadelphia.

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    • You’re right. It’s been a one-way relationship (in the sense that she’s never given me anything other than her love and friendship) ever since she was a kid. I don’t mind that from her or even my niece, so long as I’m not made to feel like I’m boring you, or being a nuisance with my love and kindness.

      Because I’m not a hypocrite. There have been people who have shown me love and kindness to be my friend and I honestly wanted nothing to do with them. So they left me alone and that’s alright. I was starting to feel like that’s how Brandy saw me until she spoke up.

      She’s a good kid.


      • She is not a peer. She is female, and she is younger. Therefore some lack of reciprocity is acceptable within a family.

        I hope that in this case my warning is unnecessary and your discernment is correct.

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