2 comments on “The Truth About Wives Submitting to Husbands -Christians Who Reject Parts of the Bible

  1. This is tough, and a lot to work out. I don’t think any working out of this in the modern era guarantees anything, but I do believe, with humility, we all learn something about God, something about ourselves and others. I wish you well on your journey.

  2. You mentioned it just briefly, but the point needs to be made that if two people have equal authority in a marriage and they disagree, you’re at a stalemate. Someone has to make the final decision. If he’s smart, he will listen to what his wife has to say, think and pray hard about it, but sooner or later someone has to make the final decision, and it helps if the default position is the husband’s, otherwise it’s “You got to decide last time. It’s my turn!” (*eye roll*). – And if it turns out to be the wrong decision, he has to bear the responsibility – not an enviable position, if you ask me. I think God held Adam responsible for the original sin because he had been put in charge, and when Eve was being tempted, he didn’t intervene as he should have.
    I submit to my husband – I submit my thoughts, my opinions, my suggestions, and my advice. Often he takes that advice. Sometimes he asks me to do the things or make the decisions in areas I’m more knowledgeable in, and I will submit by taking over in that area. Other things he’s better at, and he’ll do – and I appreciate it. We’re a team.
    For those who object to being “like a slave,” keep in mind that Jesus, our Example, washed feet.

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