2 comments on “Why I Vowed to Remain a Virgin Until Marriage (Age 35) – Confession

  1. I wish more people thought like you. The hook up society is very unappealing to me and so I have just been focusing on other parts of my life. I wish I knew better than getting sucked in to society’s beliefs when I was younger because it would have saved me and others a lot of heartache. Even now in my fifties I have friends that tell me I should get a friend with benefits. That just doesn’t feel right to me and I don’t understand how people can do it but to each their own I guess. I did go four and a half years celibate and then I met someone I really liked but it turned into a disaster not only because of sex, but that was what started the problem of a very toxic relationship. Kudos to you and I hope many people read this because maybe it will influence them.

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