One comment on “My Atheist Phase and the Issue of Evolution – A Theocratic Essay

  1. A thorough and interesting post.

    For me, Jesus’ washing his disciples’ feet was/is the most profound and hopeful example of the humility of the Creator, who, through Jesus, joined humankind in our miseries, joys and everything in between. (Personally, I picture Jesus as being one who’d enjoy a belly-shaking laugh over a good, albeit clean, joke with his disciples, now and then.) In fact, the washing of others’ feet is typically so incredibly humbling for any person — let alone the Almighty — that my critical/doubtful mental ‘voice’ briefly has me questioning its actuality. Briefly.

    Furthermore, for me, Jesus coming to serve, rather than to be served is also most profound and hope-inducing. … As bold as it may sound, I believe that God may not need or desire to be worshipped; and that “houses of worship” may actually have been meant for the parishioners, divinely intended to be for the soul what health clinics/spas, even hospitals, are for the body and mind. Also, perhaps the Ten Commandments were/are not meant to obey in order to appease God but rather intended for His human creation’s benefit, to keep people safe and healthy. …

    There likely are many other Believers out there holding similar thoughts, but they may fear openly questioning the strict-Biblical-interpretation teachings of (what I term) institutionalized Christianity thus risk angering their Maker.

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