4 comments on “The Top 4 Reasons Why I Hate Going to Parties and Social Events

  1. Hate parties so much, and you’ve covered almost all the reasons why…

    DNA ( correct) and official records ( sometimes incorrect, immigrants re-inventing their birthplace) tell me that some of my white ancestors married Nigerians, some Catholic ancestors married Protestants, Christian ancestors married Jewish, Somehow, they found each other, but if they were anything like their 21st C descendant, not at a party.

    After the pandemic, will parties come back ? Did anybody truly enjoy them ? Or were they afraid of being different ?


  2. I was recently at a high school reunion, where I saw people I hadn’t seen in decades. There were some large gatherings, but what I enjoyed most were the couple of times I got together with one person for coffee and a couple of hours of conversation. At the parties I had some good conversations, too, but I would never know when someone would come along to interrupt and say “HI!” completely changing the subject, which I knew we’d never get back to. Not trying to be critical, that’s what people do at parties, but still it’s a little frustrating.
    Wow, you’ve had some complicated experiences – made me glad I’m not single (or a man).
    One other comment: Contrary to what some singles think, being married doesn’t automatically mean never being lonely. In any relationship you have to be on guard against drifting apart. Otherwise, you could find yourself lonely with your own family in your own home. I like the Scripture that says, in essence, when in doubt, stay put. (I Corinthians 7:20)

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